Classification of Alloy Wheels and General Maintenance Tips

Alloy wheels go a long way in enhancing the performance of a vehicle while uplifting its aesthetic appeal. Auto enthusiasts have been opting for alloy rims over the conventional iron wheels for a long time now, although, the technology used back then has improved over time, meaning that today’s alloys are stronger, lighter and more suitable for your all-terrain needs, as compared to what was previously on offer.


Primary Classification:

Alloy wheels can be classified into multiple types depending on how they are made, practical uses and the materials used, and we shall discuss a few types in brief here.

Alloy wheels are either cast or forged, and this determines their use. While cast alloys work better for the showoffs, forged alloys are used extensively for strenuous tasks, for example, off-roading expeditions.

Alloy wheels are mostly made up of aluminium nowadays due to the lightweight nature of the alloy, although, magnesium alloy used to be in demand back in the 1970s – 80s. However, magnesium was discarded soon due to the highly combustive nature of the metal, which proved to be a problem during accidents, since, in case of a fire, the wheels burned hot and were difficult to extinguish.

Aluminum has similar properties to magnesium, but it does not burn as vigorously. As a result, aluminium is the metal of choice when it comes to manufacturing lightweight wheels. However, choosing a set of wheels for your ride is not an easy task. Ask any amateur and he will confirm that there is more to the process than meets the eye.


Points to Ponder:

The foremost fact that comes to mind is deciphering the actual use of the wheel. If your primary focus is to show off, you can opt for a set of cast alloy rims from any reputed wheel-maker. Make it a point to run a background check on the manufacturer and the seller before investing, since quality is a major concern with alloy wheels and the market is filled with cheap duplicates.

On the contrary, if you want the alloys to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, make it a point to opt for forged wheels, since their construction is suitable for absorbing greater amounts of thrashing.Hence, you do not have to worry about the wheels cracking in the middle of the street.


The same applies for off road adventures. If you plan on taking your vehicle off road, and are looking for a set of alloys wheels for your ride, take your time out to research the market, before settling down for a certain brand. KMC rims Australia are an example of dual purpose wheels, the kind that can be used both on and off road, as well as for showing off!

Maintaining a set of alloy wheels can be difficult. Hence, make it a point to check for cracks or dents periodically. Replacing an alloy is an expensive task, since, they cannot be repaired easily. It is always smart to make a well-informed decision!